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Golden Rules of Whitewater Kayaking

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Golden Rules of Whitewater Kayaking

When it comes to Whitewater kayaking, there are some rules you should follow if you want to become a successful kayaker. Everyone can ride a kayak, however, the way they are doing it is very important and of course, there are some other things that you need to look out when starting kayaking. If you are a beginner, then you should find a professional group of kayakers and join them because they are probably the only ones that can properly teach you how to have a successful kayaking session. However, you can find here some very important and helpful information that will help you get along on your first few time, after that you will quickly learn some of the best ways to paddle a kayak.

Find a Balance

Most likely the first time you get into the kayak, you will feel very weird and maybe scared, but you must be confident. Getting into a kayak is usually a very easy job especially if you get into it near the edge of the water. It can be a little more complicated for beginners to get inside a kayak from a dock because the kayak is them very unstable and it will require your skill to find balance, the best way to get into from a dock is to have someone holding the kayak from not tipping over while you get inside it. When you successfully get into it, there is not much to be worried about, you just have to sit in the seat because it is centered and you can easily balance it on the water from it.

Finding a Proper Location

Kayaking is a sport or hobby that doesn’t require many things, but one of the things that are important to take into consideration when going kayaking is the location. The best locations for kayaking is a place where you have a very good point from where you can launch and where you can easily go ashore. More importantly, there shouldn’t be a lot of boat traffic, if you want to avoid accidents and injuries, then definitely find a place with low boat traffic. The problem with having a lot of boats is that there is the possibility that they will not see you in the kayak and they can easily run you over or the fact that the boats are making waves in the water that can interfere with your session.

Learn the Proper Technique

The biggest mistake people do when starting kayaking is not taking lessons from professionals, that is bad because there is a low possibility that you will learn the proper way to ride a kayak by yourself. Mastering the proper way of riding a kayak requires a lot of time and knowledge of these methods. One tip that you can implement in your technique is to use not just your arms for paddling but your entire upper body. The reason for that is your arms will get tired faster if you don’t use the upper body.

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