10 Best Places In The World For Whitewater Rafting

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10 Best Places In The World For Whitewater Rafting


You might have wanted been wanting to spend your holidays on whitewater rafting sites, but you don’t know where to visit. For you to find the best place to launch your raft, check on the following top ten destinations:

1.The Colorado River (Grand Canyon)

This is one of the rafting destinations. When you are battling the powerful rides, the calm stretches will provide a unique view of the canyon. Nevertheless, the journey offers an adventure on dry land and campsites which are located in the beautiful beaches.

2.Zambezi River (Zimbabwe)

As an adventure lover, you can experience white water rafting in River Zambezi. In fact, you will be able to enjoy the warm scenery and the spectacular African scenery. You can also top off your rafting experience with the camping on the beautiful white beaches.

 3.Rio Pacuare( Costa Rica)

The river is rated as one of the best white water rafting spots in the world. The Costa Rica River ranges from class II to class v rapids. The amazing wild life is also an ideal holiday spot.

4.Rhine River (Switzerland)

The Rhine River provides a great rafting opportunity. The white water rafting trips in Switzerland can provide an extra advantage of the beautiful scenery. Some of the best spots for rafting in the country include: Rhine, Rhone, Saane , Arve and Lustchine rivers.

5.Futaleufu River (Chile)

This is another river which is commonly known for white water rafting. In addition to that, it is also popular for its unique permanent river camps. Therefore, you can try horse back riding is you need a break from the white water rafting.

6.Salmon River (Idaho)

The Idaho’s water rafting is a drilling adventure for the surrounding area especially the wilderness. Apart from that, you can enjoy: The Middle Fork which is a section of the Salmon River or the main Salmon River.

7.Yangtze River (China)

According to the recent statistics, less than one-fifty people have ever rafted in the river. The river is twice as deep as the Colorado (Grand Canyon). Moreover, the width of the river is a third as wide as the canyons and the water is twice more powerful than the Colorado River. The unexpected wonder is also rewarded by amazing view of the mountains with the ancient stone villages and the terraced fields.

8.Magpie River (Canada)

The magpie river flows through hundreds of kilometers in the pine forest. Before jumping up on the raft to explore, you can spend a few days rafting different sections of the river.

9.Ganges River (India)

The Ganges is the India’s holy river. It is also one of the best white water rafting sites in Asia. The river connects with wild water. As a result, it explores India and its nature which can make the trip worth. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi are some best rivers to test your rafting skills.

10.Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

Even tough water rafting was recently introduced in Thailand; it has become an ideal activity for the rainy seasons. The north of Thailand has more rivers which are suitable for rafting. The Mae Cham River is another interesting spot for rafting.


The above are the 10 Best Places in the World for Whitewater Rafting. Therefore, you can enjoy your holiday by visiting such places.

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